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Welcome to So Good It’s Scary, the home of all things horror.  The original name of this blog was “So Good It’s Scary, So Bad It’s Good,” which is too long to have as a web address and really too long to have as a title, but it is a good summary of what you’ll see here, and what horror fans typically like.   There’s good John Carpenter horror and then there’s good Roger Corman horror.  If you’re a fan, you know the difference.  If you’re not but you’re here anyway, we’ll show you.

There are many horror magazines and even more horror websites and blogs and many of them are good.  What makes us a little different is we’re reaching out to established and newer fans.  I’ve been a horror fan for my entire life.  When I was little I liked Casper the Friendly Ghost, but what I really wanted was truly scary stories.  I pored over everything I could find on the Universal Monsters while Scooby Doo left me vaguely irritated.  As I grew older I saw every horror movie I could and rented every one I could find.  By the late 90s there were very few I hadn’t seen, and I was just as excited to find a good old movie or novel as I was to read or watch something new and entertaining.

With that in mind, each article will be written for that kind of fan.  The fan who is picking up anything from a new or secondhand store that looks interesting.  The fan who might be going to see the remake of “Evil Dead” or who is watching the original for the first time.  At the same time, we’ll discuss anything related to horror, or that horror fans could be interested in.  Movies, books, graphic novels, magazines, comics, models, even music.  Horror fans have a variety of interests, and so do we.

One of the advantages of being a fan right now and writing a blog like this is that horror may be bigger now than it ever has been, though it has changed.  Stephen King remains the most successful author in the world next to God, with only the Bible selling more copies than King’s collective books.  Add with King’s many, many films both original and adapted, his television credits, audio books of his novels, his comics, graphic novel adaptations, and his magazine column for Entertainment Weekly, and his numbers continue to grow.  Other classic authors like Peter Straub, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, and H.P. Lovecraft haven’t gone away, and today are joined by others just as filmmakers like Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento, Joe Dante, and George Romero continue to film today along with relative newcomers like Danny Boyle.

As I mentioned, the field has changed.  It’s evolved.  Which gives us the question, “What is horror?”  If you’re reading this, you know as well as I do that zombies huge, as are vampires both glittery and not.  Paranormal Romance is such an enormous cash cow that it seems every author who wants to make money is jumping in and writing a book that at least references vampires, or demons, or something.  But are these things horror, and will we cover it here?

Horror is a feeling, and also a style.  If something is supposed to scare you, or disturb you, shock you, or make you feel anxious in a certain way, we’ll likely cover it here.  Hitchcock is known as the master of suspense.  But “Psycho” is arguably a horror film, and even if it wasn’t, it had massive influence on virtually every horror filmmaker and on horror films to this day.  So while some would classify it as suspense, it would have a home here.

In contrast, while most vampire books and films are horror, there are some things that clearly are not.  I’m more of a vampire traditionalist.  They’re evil walking corpses that feed on the living.  They may not like it, but that’s what they do.   Thus, I’m not a fan of the whole vampire boyfriend genre, though I do enjoy “True Blood” because it’s so campy.  We plan to have other columnists here who do enjoy glittery vampires and that’s great, because they can discuss them and I won’t have to.  In my world, vampires sparkle when they’re on fire, but that part of the genre is too big to ignore. So you will likely find glittery vampires here, and horror books geared toward Young Adults. They will just be discussed by people who enjoy them.

We plan to publish columns here about once a week.  I hope to see you here when we do.  If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to contact me at davidqpugh@juno.com.


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David Pugh is a Milwaukee-based writer and editor. You may contact him on Facebook or at davidqpugh@juno.com. Like So Good It's Scary's Facebook page for new articles and updates to the blog!
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